Technology ethos

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Our ethos drives everything we do in order to deliver the best and most appropriate digital services to our customers, and support the strategic aims of the Council. We call this Digital First.

"Digital services so good that people prefer to use them"

The site ethos

Our site ethos drives how we build and deliver digital services and adheres to the 10 Digital First Design Principles. The technology ethos feeds into the site ethos.

What do we mean by technology?

The technology we use is the foundation of our digital platform and enables us to provide digital services in the way our customers want to use them. The technology needed for the site includes our content management system, web apps and other tools.

What do we do with technology?

The platform is where we make the connections and build or host content and systems which form part of an online customer journey. It links in with other parts of the Council’s technology infrastructure and has customer entry and exit points into the real world.

What do we believe about our use of technology?

We believe that the digital customer experience should not be limited, nor led, by the technology but by the needs of the customer. Our digital services and the technology on which they’re built should enable change, giving us the freedom to evolve our services according to changing customer needs, expectations and technology innovation.

Our technology should support an excellent online customer experience

The technology we use is not important, what it enables us and our customers to do, is.

Our technology should be flexible and open

The technology we use should allow us to create digital solutions quickly, test and iterate on the web, collaborate with others and enable us to keep pace with digital developments and user behaviour. Open source technology will be our preference and any code or software we produce should be shared with the local government community.

Our technology should integrate with other key systems

Due to the fast-pace of technology development, changing customer behaviour and need to provide value for money we will carefully consider the benefits and restraints of long-term lock-in to a system, ensure we’ve explored fully any technology already available in the Council, and ensure the systems we use work together for a seamless and high quality customer experience.

Our technology should be chosen together

Technology choices should be made as an organisation to ensure all business and customer needs are considered.

Our technology should help us be more productive and efficient

The technology we use should enable efficient development and content management so we can keep up with customer demands and provide best value for money for the Council.

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