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Nominations for the 4Uth award are now closed. Thank you for the many nominations received from across Nottinghamshire. 

Highlights from last years awards can be seen here: 4Uth 2023 promo trailer.

4Uth awards 2023

The district winners for this years 4uth awards have now been announced they are:

Leah Cholerton, 16 

Leah attends Inspire Learning and was born with several health conditions but has grown in confidence since joining Stapleford Young People’s Centre and has developed her own personal identity. Leah has had a lot of one-to-one support from members of staff from the club but has taken onboard any support given and made the decision to move forward in a positive frame of mind.

Edward Robinson, 11

Edward is a pupil at Bracken Lane School in Retford and has become a substantial support for his family when dealing with the additional, complex needs of his younger brother. Edward assists his mum when he gets distressed and helps with chores around the house and making areas safe for his brother.

Shayden West, 16

Shayden attends Quarrydale Academy at Sutton-in-Ashfield, has gone from being a ‘very shy young male’ who struggled to converse with other youngsters to someone who is a ‘bubbly, outgoing, supportive young man’.

He runs his own group session at the Quarrydale Young People Centre, with the support of a youth worker, to help young people make themselves more positive and have a better outlook on life with a particular focus on male mental health. 

Jamie Thorley, 20

Jamie has overcome many personal challenges to become a voice for young people who are in care – drawing on his own experiences and personal struggles of once being in care himself.

He now dedicates much of his spare time to the Children in Care Council which aims to improve, influence and shape services for young people in Nottinghamshire. add photo.

Mia Louise Smith, 13

Mia, is a pupil at Queen Elizabeth Academy in Mansfield and is a caring young person who has done so much to help others by tirelessly devoting many hours to fundraising in the community.

She has also overcome her shyness to perform at an open mic night, something she would not have considered doing less than six months ago. add photo

Megan Towers, 15

Nottingham Academy student Megan deals with challenging health issues with dignity and bravery and has become a positive mentor for her peers at The Loco young people’s centre in Netherfield.

She has grown in confidence since attending the Spotlight Theatre Group in Netherfield, which has led to her performing three roles in a production of Matilda at the Nottingham Arts Theatre. add photo

Reece Martin, 15

Reece, a student at Dukeries Academy in Ollerton, has proven to be a key asset at Dukeries Young People’s Centre, where he 'helps out so much’, and volunteers in the local community. He works hard every Saturday at the youth centres cook and eat sessions to help others create meals in the kitchen.

The seven district winners of the Nottinghamshire County Council’s Outstanding Achievement 4Uth Award for 2023 will be honoured at the annual final at County Hall on Friday 24 November where an overall winner will be announced.

4Uth awards 2022

The 2022 winners include those who have overcome major challenges in their lives, such as bereavement, trauma and illness, and have gone on to make significant achievements, including raising thousands for charity, caring for friends and relatives, and becoming valued members of their community.

Past awards

In 2020, for the first time, groups were nominated as well as individuals, and there were seven winners rather than one overall winner. Nominations were sent in by friends, family, schools, youth groups and voluntary organisations:

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2019 4Uth Awards

The winners of the 2019 received their awards at a special awards ceremony at Nottinghamshire County Hall on Friday 22 November 2019. The overall countywide winner was Jasmine Chapman.

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2018 4Uth Awards

District youth panels selected the seven district winners and awarded the overall countywide winner at a special awards ceremony held at County Hall on Friday 26 October 2018.

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