The Virtual School structure

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Our Virtual School SLT oversees strategic operational working practices. This group currently consists of the Virtual School Head (who is also the Principal Educational Psychologist), the Virtual School Assistant Head, and the Senior Educational Psychologist for Children in Care. The SLT provides leadership and accountability for ensuring the educational success of Nottinghamshire's looked after children. It does this by:

  • ensuring children in care and previously in care, are a priority and that schools and other key partners are appropriately challenged and supported to secure educational provision to ensure that all Nottingahamshire's looked after children make at least good progress
  • developing and maintaining effective working relationships with the full range of partnership services (including Children's Social Care, the Early Childhood Service team and Post 16 teams)

Achievement Officers

Day to day working with schools and partners is carried out by our Achievement Offices (AOs). Each AO takes responsibility for a group of schools, working to maximise the positive outcomes for looked after and previously looked after children. AOs do this by: 

  • supporting and challenging Designated Teachers, enabling them to provide the best help and support for their children
  • actively consulting with adults around the child or young person in care
  • ensuring all schools and settings are promoting good educational outcomes and progress
  • protecting children and young people in care's entitlement to a good education

The Virtual School is also a source of advice and information for children and young people previously in care, their parents and their schools, promoting their educational achievement. 

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