Multimodal Project

“I think I’m better at communicating with the teacher and helping people. I’m better at literacy, model making and creativity.” 2020-21 MML student

The Multimodal Project (MML) has been successfully running for 11 year and Nottinghamshire County Council celebrated being finalists for the Service and Support category at BETT 2020 (British Educational Training and Technology, a ‘flagship’ global show).

The programme is designed to provide ideas, inspiration and practical support across a year for teachers and carers. Together, we strive to expand the communicative repertoires of vulnerable children in ways that resonate with twenty-first century experiences, exploring page and screen texts.

Download the Multimodal Literacy Programme flyer for 2023-2024 [PDF]

Multimodal Approach Core Aims:

  • recognise, value and build upon children's wider literacy experiences
  • how technology can support children in engaging with and producing multimodal text
  • motivate children in progressively becoming expert readers/ viewers and authors/ 'writers' of multimodal texts
  • support home/ school partnerships and enhance learning opportunities.

Embracing the core aims, we have primary and secondary projects running throughout the academic year which provides our children with experiences beyond the classroom.  All projects provide an opportunity to produce multimodal texts for a wider audience; the focus is to:

  • broaden children’s cultural literacy experiences beyond home and school with links to wider communities:  gallery, museum, historical building
  • produce multi-layered, well presented texts to inform a wider community 
  • support children in the ways they can mobilise cultural repertoires, research, imaginations, and the arts in their production and interpretation of their own and others’ story world
  • develop skills in using and responding to augmented reality resources.

The project, schedule and resources

The project is child centred and can fit and adapt to your current school provision - activities might be explored with the whole class, a small group or with one-one TA or teacher support. This is a home project too so some activities might develop in the home setting.

The programme in Nottinghamshire is delivered by the Virtual School Team and Petula Bhojwani and Craig Wilkie, authors of 'Power Up Literacy' (2018) and 'Digital Literacies' (2021).

Schedule and CPD for carer and designated teacher which includes

  • launch session - online training with ideas for activities at home or at school
  • consultation support bespoke to your setting and child
  • a session to issue the child's iPad, safeguarding and training on using this as a literacy tool
  • celebration event involving all the children.

Resources for each participant

  • iPad, digital camera and quality texts
  • consultation support and school visit
  • online support and website with materials
  • project handbook including 10 case studies and resources.

What teachers and carers have told us about MML projects

For R particularly, this project has been much more than academic attainment. 1 year ago, he didn’t access any of the curriculum within the classroom (with his peers). R is now 100% part of the classroom and making outstanding progress.
The structure and format of the sessions encouraged good listening - to instructions, to story work and to each other.
Activities promoted good speaking skills for the video calls.  Leading to confidence when speaking to adults.

Summary of MML outcomes from data and observations

  • Evidence of progress in literacy attainment
  • Increased engagement in literacy activities
  • A strong sense of authorship and in authorial intent
  • Children took pride in their work
  • A knowledge of how texts work
  • Enhanced ICT skills and research skills
  • Improved confidence and a ‘can do’ belief
  • An enthusiasm for books and creating texts
  • Improved home school links
  • Brought to light issues through interactions with texts and creation of stories

2020-2021 MML outcomes

70% of teachers reported that opportunities and interest in reading increased and 90% of teachers reported that opportunities and interest in writing increased. 

2021 Celebration event

2022-2023 MML projects

  • Project name: Magic of Movement

If you would like more information about how your school can be involved in the MML project, please contact the Virtual School on 0115 977 4747.

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