Apply to be a school governor in Nottinghamshire

Thank you for your interest in becoming a governor at a Nottinghamshire school.

Apply to be a school governor


Before completing this form

  • please refer to the restrictions and disqualifications to ensure that you are eligible to be a school governor as particular regulations apply
  • read the County Council become a school governor criteria and understand that if you fail to uphold the criteria and code of conduct for appointment, the County Council may reconsider your appointment.

You will need

You will be required to provide the name and details of a sponsor. Your sponsor should be someone who is prepared to support your nomination. They could be a designated representative of a local political party, chair of governors at the school of your choice, or someone from your local community.

Apply to be a school governor

Alternative ways to do this

You can download a word version of this form:

For further information or to have a chat about the Governance opportunities and vacancies within your area, please contact: 

  • Jane Mansell, Senior Professional Practitioner, Governor Services
  • email:
  • telephone: 0115 8040628 / 07860 597832

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