School curriculum and our approach

The National Curriculum

The curriculum is the sum of everything your child experiences in school. This includes the formal programme of lessons and the informal programme of extra curricular activities and other experiences.

All pupils aged 5 to 16 in Nottinghamshire state schools follow the National Curriculum. A pupil's progress through the years of compulsory education is divided into key stages. The key stages are the same no matter what the local pattern of school organisation.

Nottinghamshire's approach to the curriculum is a commitment to providing education which enriches and extends what your child learns beyond the National Curriculum. Schools provide a wide range of activities and experiences for all their pupils.

Our approach

We are committed to providing education which enriches and extends the curriculum beyond the National Curriculum. We believe the arts, environmental education and sport are vital to provide breadth and balance in the curriculum.

Notts Outdoors

The outdoor and environmental education service from Nottinghamshire County Council. 

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Nottinghamshire Music Hub 

A group of music organisations and schools working together to provide the best possible music making opportunities for children and young people in  Nottinghamshire through key stage 1 to 5.                                             

Nottinghamshire Music Hub | Inspire - Culture, Learning, Libraries


Nottinghamshire's cultural education partnership access to access high-quality arts and cultural experiences across Nottinghamshire. 

Nottinghamshire Cultural Education Partnership | Captivate

Active Notts

Supporting Young People to be active  

Children and Young People | Active Notts





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