Before you appeal a school admission decision

Before you appeal

Read our guidance on how to appeal:

If you are appealing for an academy, voluntary aided or free school check that we handle their appeals. If you are unsure please call 0300 500 80 80 for guidance.

Prepare your reasons for wanting a place for your child at the school.

Gather any evidence you wish to submit along with your appeal.

When submitting an appeal form

Check the contact details you have included are correct. We will use these details to tell you when you appeal hearing is, and what the appeal panel’s decision is. If you use the online form to make your appeal please make sure you select the correct address from the drop down box.

After submitting an appeal

Please make sure you fully submit your form and get to the thank you page to make sure we receive it

Once you submit your appeal, you will receive an email acknowledgement. If you do not receive this please contact 0300 500 80 80 to check we have received your form.

Confirm that you have read the guidance on how to appeal. The check box must be ticked before you can proceed to appeal form.

Continue to the appeal form

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