School nursing service

What does the service do?

The aim of the School Nursing Service is to enable each school child to attain his/her optimum health and educational potential. The service is a partnership with the child/young person, parent/carer and education.

The fundamental role of the school nurse is to improve children and young people’s health and wellbeing by:

  • leading, delivering and evaluating preventative services and universal public health programmes (as set out in the Healthy Child Programme 5-19) for school-aged children and young people, within both school and community settings
  • delivering evidence-based approaches and cost effective programmes or interventions that contribute to children and young people’s health and well-being (e.g. reduction in childhood obesity, reduction in under 18 conception rates, reduction in prevalence of chlamydia and management of mental health disorders (such as depression and conduct disorder); co-ordinating services, referring to other agencies and delegating within the team to maximise resources and utilise the expertise of other skilled professionals)
  • supporting a seamless transition into school, from primary to secondary school and transition into adulthood
  • managing the interaction between health and education so that the child or young person enjoys good health and well-being (including emotional health and wellbeing) therefore achieving optimal education
  • leading support for children and young people who have complex and/or additional needs including providing or co-ordinating support, education and training for families, carers and school staff
  • identifying children and young people in need of early help and where appropriate providing support to improve their life chances and prevent abuse and neglect. This includes working with children and young people at risk of becoming involved in gangs or youth violence
  • contributing as part of a multi-agency team, to the response for children, young people and families who have multiple problems.

Child health service

The School Health team is an excellent first point of contact for school aged children, young people and their parents who need health advice or information. They have a good knowledge of other statutory agencies and voluntary organisations that can offer advice and support related to health issues.

  • Healthy Family Team Advice Line
  • telephone: 0300 123 5436


If you have any queries about the commissioning of school nursing services in Nottinghamshire or want to share any comments about the recent review please contact:

The Nottinghamshire Children’s Integrated Commissioning Hub

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