Services for owners of archives

Do you own any collections of archives?

Nottinghamshire Archives can provide services to any owners of archives whether a private individual with a collection of family papers or the representative of a large organisation or business with an extensive accumulation of records.

Our role

It is our role to locate, collect and preserve the archives of the county of Nottinghamshire and the city of Nottingham and to make them available for public access where appropriate.


Archives are collected within the terms of our Acquisitions Policy [PDF] to prioritise our collecting in areas where archives are felt to be at risk or under represented in our holdings. Archives may be donated to Nottinghamshire Archives or deposited on long term loan under our Terms of Agreement for the Deposit or Donation of Records [PDF].

We collect archives from public bodies, schools, churches, businesses, community organisations, clubs, societies and private individuals.


Nottinghamshire Archives provides the following services:

  • on site surveys of collections
  • advice on preservation and storage

and if deposited or donated to Nottinghamshire Archives:

  • storage in secure and environmentally controlled strongrooms, built to British Standards (BS5454) and approved by The National Archives
  • conservation of fragile and damaged documents
  • a catalogue of the collection which will be made available to the public on the internet
  • facilities for supervised public access, although some archives can be closed for reasons of confidentiality
  • special events for owners of archives
  • assistance with exhibitions and displays. 

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