Local government structure in Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire has a two-tier system of local government. This means that wherever you live in the county (excluding Nottingham City), services are shared between two, and sometimes three, councils.

Nottinghamshire County Council is a first-tier local authority. The second tier of local government in Nottinghamshire is made up of seven borough and district Councils. In some areas there may also be a third tier - a town or parish council.

Borough and district councils

There are seven borough/district councils in Nottinghamshire.

They are responsible for functions such as housing, collecting council tax, pest control, bin collections and parks and leisure centres.

More information about borough and district councils in Nottinghamshire.

Parish and town councils

Parish and town councils have a wide range of responsibilities, including recreational and community facilities, parks, cemeteries and car parks. 

In Nottinghamshire there are:

  • 151 parish councils
  • 10 town councils
  • 38 parish meetings. 

More information about parish and town councils.

Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council is a unitary authority.

In the Nottingham City area they provide all the services which, elsewhere in the county, are divided between two or three councils.

Nottingham City Council website.


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