A petition is a written request for the Council to consider a matter or take a course action.

A petition can: 

  • lend weight to particular view point 
  • demonstrate a view shared by others 
  • be coordinated by individuals or by local organisations.  

Anyone who lives, works or studies in Nottinghamshire (including under 18s) can sign or organise a petition for submission to the Council. 

For more information view the petitions scheme.

Paper petitions

To send us a paper petition you should contact your County Councillor. Your Councillor can act as your representative to present the petition at a Full Council meeting. They will talk you through the process for submitting the petitions.

To find out more see our petition template [Word].

The petition should be handed over to your County Councillor at least 2 working days before the meeting that you would like it to be presented at.

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