Council spending information

We are committed to providing services which are value for money for our residents and the county. As part of the commitment to providing financial transparency, any spending on goods and services over £500 with external suppliers are now published.

The move is in line with the Government requirement for all councils to publish their spending data to enable greater transparency and engagement with residents and encourage greater efficiency.

About the reports

All spending over £500 is published one month in arrears. This means January's spending will be published at the start of March, for example. 

If an amount is less that £500 they will be included once they form a larger payment total of over £500 in aggregate. 

We are continuing to develop the format and content of our reports in line with best practice. Our reports include data which shows creditor payments made by the Council with the exception of those which would reveal information subject to the Data Protection Act. 

The data provided below adheres to the terms and conditions of the Open Government Licence provided by Central Government. By downloading and viewing content you are agreeing to the terms. 

2024/25 financial year

 Travel and accommodation

The Travel and Accommodation Policy Register details all expenses paid to officers and Members whilst on County Council business.

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