Who can foster?

Foster carers come from all backgrounds. What's important is your interest in caring for a child.

You can be:

  • single, married, divorced or living together
  • in a same sex relationship
  • from any ethnic or religious background
  • a homeowner or living in rented accommodation
  • employed or on benefits
  • already a parent
  • living with disabilities

Most people can be considered as foster carers, but there are some requirements:

  • you must have a spare room
  • you must live in or very near to Nottinghamshire
  • you must be aged over 21
  • you must have some experience of caring for or working with children or young people
  • if you are a couple then you must be living together for more than two years
  • your own children must be over the age of one
  • you must not be pregnant, undergoing, or have recently undergone fertility treatment
  • you must have no convictions for offences against children. Any other criminal history you have may affect your ability to foster.

Support a child in care

If you can’t apply to foster at this time, but would like to support a child in care, and can commit to meeting up once a month, you might like to volunteer as an Independent Visitor. Find out more on our volunteering page.

Already fostering with another organisation?

You can join our many carers that have transferred to us from another fostering agencyMaking the move to our fostering service is easy.

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