Guidelines for click and collect library book delivery volunteers

Thank you for agreeing to help us to get books out to our those who remain housebound during the Coronavirus pandemic in Nottinghamshire. Library books can provide a valuable lifeline to people in this situation.

Please read these guidelines and follow them for your own safety and that of the resident(s) you are helping:

  • Always keep up to date and follow current advice
  • Please do not volunteer if you or anyone you live with has any symptoms of Covid-19 e.g. dry cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath or changes to taste and smell
  • Wash or sanitise your hands before you leave home
  • Visit the library to collect a bag of books for your customer. Each bag will have a form attached with the customer’s details and a list of the items
  • Sanitise your hands before handling the book bag
  • Take a fresh paper carrier bag from the library in case you need one for returned books
  • Library staff will phone the customer to let them know your name and when you will deliver the books. They will ask for returns to be left on the doorstep
  • Phone beforehand to let the customer know you are on your way
  • Knock on the door to signal your arrival; do not use the knocker or bell
  • Move at least two metres away from the door (or just leave the bag on the doorstep)
  • Do not enter the house of the person you are delivering to
  • Keep deliveries separate from returns e.g. deliveries on the back seat, returns in the car boot
  • If on foot or using public transport you must deliver and collect from only one customer at a time so as not to mix deliveries and returns
  • Take the returned items back to the library
  • Wash your hands as soon as you return home.

Read more about the new click and collect home delivery service

  • Report any safeguarding concerns

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