COVID-19 and scams

Scams hope to take advantage of the most vulnerable in our communities, and our Trading Standards team is aware scam activity relating to COVID-19 in Nottinghamshire.

Here are just some of the scams we are aware of which are targeting Nottinghamshire communities:

  • Unwanted callers asking for donations to help those in need during this time
  • Individuals making contact out of the blue claiming to be from official organisations and asking for payment for the latest COVID-19 information and treatments which do not exist
  • Calls and emails offering miracle cures
  • Door-to-door visitors claiming to be from the British Red Cross offering testing
  • Individuals offering to do shopping and not returning with the bank card and the groceries
  • Emails posing as the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Emails claiming to be from HMRC offering a tax rebate due to the coronavirus
  • Text messages claiming to be from GOV.UK requesting money for breaching stay at home regulations 
  • Fraudulent messages to parents entitled to free school meals requesting bank details.



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