Short breaks

Nottinghamshire Short Breaks aims to:

  • enable children and young people with a disability to participate in positive activities which promote independence
  • provide parents/carers a break from caring.

Our new Short Break offer was launched to new applicants on 3 September 2018

The new Short Break offer incorporates a number of innovations developed in partnership with parents, carers, children and young people designed to make the new offer more accessible, understandable and responsive.

These include:

  • the ability to apply via an online application form, providing an instant indication of eligibility.
  • clear and publically available eligibility criteria, making decision making more transparent and understandable.
  • the availability of a 'Standard Offer' which provides £216 per annum by a direct payment for activities, providing a more responsive way for parents/carers and young people to access the Council’s Short Break funding.

The online application form and further information about the new Short Break offer can be found via the local offer.

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