Parenting Privacy Statement

I have been told that Family Service will hold information about me and other members of my household (unless stated below). I understand that it will be used to provide services to me / my family and will be stored electronically. My information will be held securely with Nottinghamshire County Council's Children, Families and Cultural Services Department and may be used anonymously for monitoring purposes.


Further details about how we share your information can be found in our Privacy Notice at:


Nottinghamshire County Council:


The Family Service:



The Family Service will share information between the services that will contribute to the assessment for and delivery of an agreed plan of work for me and my family. This may include health, the police, probation, social care, education, district councils, registered social landlords, FUTURES, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Voluntary or 3rd party organisations.


All adults with parental responsibility and children with be asked to make contributions to the assessment. The assessment will underpin an agreed plan of work for the family. All relevant information will be shared. The exception to this is if there was an overriding safeguarding justification to not disclose the data, then it can be withheld.



Information will be shared between Nottinghamshire County Council and Jobcentre Plus.


If you have any concerns about the information sharing and storage raise this with your Case Manager.

Please note information will always be shared where there are risks of harm or safeguarding concerns.

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