Bishops Court Care and Support Centre

Bishops Court Care and Support Centre provides short term support to older people who have a carer emergency, need respite care, have been discharged from hospital or had a fall or fracture.

Respite care

Beds are designated for respite care to provide support to carers. Length of stay is usually up to two weeks.  Most people need to pay for their respite care.

For more information read our factsheet.

Some people may be able to fund the service through the NHS Carers Breaks Scheme.

Short-term care

Short-term care beds are provided to support people living in the community for a number of reasons. For example:

  • an emergency due to the person being unable to continue caring for themselves in the short term
  • change of carer circumstances
  • an individual’s home requiring adaptation to enable them to continue living there
  • the individual unable to return home following a period of assessment
  • the need for home adaptation.

Beds are usually provided for up to 12 weeks and are charged for under the County Council charging policy.

Assessment beds

Assessment beds are primarily for people who have been discharged from hospital when they are medically fit but are unable to return home immediately.

We can also use these beds for people who are at risk of going into hospital if capacity is available.

Occupational therapy staff are available to support service users.

There is no charge for people to use assessment beds. People can stay for up to three weeks.

About support

Who can get this support?

People must be over 65 to receive most of these services. People can receive the assessment bed service if they are over the age of 55 and are at risk of losing their independence.

Length of support

The length of your short-term care or respite will be arranged with you or your advocate/carer at the time of booking.

Reviewing your care and support

If you are receiving short-term assessment, your needs will be constantly reviewed with you so that your long-term needs are planned for accurately.

Other services are reviewed on a monthly basis to check that your needs are being met and that you are happy with the service being provided.


Short-term assessment services are free for up to three weeks. Respite and short-term care is charged under the charging policy at £650 per week. However, you will receive a financial assessment to see how much, if anything, you will need to pay.

For more information read our factsheet.

Need help to talk to us?

If you find it difficult to talk to us about what you need or the care and support you want, you can get someone to help you. This could be someone you know, or someone who acts as an advocate for many different people.


  • address: Tuxford Road, Boughton Newark, Notts. NG22 9HY.
  • manager: Ginny Bullock
  • telephone: 01623 862043

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