How we pay our suppliers

When you send us an invoice you need to make sure that it includes a valid purchase order number.  Invoices without a valid purchase order number will be returned to you. This may significantly delay payment.

If you have not been provided with a valid purchase order number, please  ask your contact to obtain one for you. You need to do this before you provide goods or begin any work for us.

Nottinghamshire County Council are an end user for the purposes of section 55A VAT Act 1994 reverse charge for building and construction services. Please issue us with a normal VAT invoice, with VAT charged at the appropriate rate. We will not account for the reverse charge.

Purchase orders

To be as sustainable as possible, we send purchase orders to our suppliers in a standard format by email.

All purchase orders will contain the following information:

  • a Nottinghamshire County Council purchase order number in the format of 10 digit number starting with 35, 47, 45, or 36
  • specification of requirement
  • delivery address
  • requisitioner contact details.

Invoices for goods/services supplied to us

All original invoices must quote a valid purchase order number.

Our preferred method of receipt of invoices is by email (in PDF format) to

When sending your invoices via email:

  • please do not send hard copies or paper invoices
  • we will only accept one PDF invoice per email
  • the system will not accept an email as an attachment.

Failure to meet our requirements could result in your message being returned, therefore delaying payment. Your support will ensure that your invoice is not returned and will help ensure you are paid promptly.

Alternatively, you can post invoices to:

Nottinghamshire County Council
Accounts Payable
County Hall
NG2 7QP.

What to include

Your invoice must include:

  • the word 'Invoice' clearly written
  • an invoice date
  • your company name and address
  • your VAT number (if applicable) a nine digit code starting GB
  • a unique invoice number
  • your vendor (supplier) number - you can find this on purchase orders we send to you
  • a valid Nottinghamshire County Council purchase order number
  • the details of goods/services supplied including quantity, unit price, net amount, VAT and total cost.

If you supply capital projects, buildings or facilities and have a 'Unique Tax Reference' number, please clearly show this number on your invoice.

Your invoice must be addressed to:

Nottinghamshire County Council
Accounts Payable
County Hall
NG2 7QP.

Contact us

  • enquire about a payment due to you, email:
  • payment enquiries, telephone: 0115 9772727 then choose option 2
  • update your supplier details (eg bank or address details), email: Please attach your request to your email on a company letter headed document. You will be contacted by our Vendor Control team before any bank details are amended.

Our preferred method of communication is email. If you are not able to use this communication route please see our postal address:

Nottinghamshire County Council
Accounts Payable
County Hall

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