Other options for properties not included in the programme

The County Council is continuing to work towards a county with 100% fibre coverage. Thanks to the work of the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire programme, superfast broadband is available to 98.22% of homes and businesses in Nottinghamshire.

For those properties which are not due to receive upgrades as per the commercial plans of infrastructure providers or via the work of the programme, there are other options to consider.

Broadband: Universal Service Obligation

From 20 March 2020, if your home or business can’t get a broadband service providing a download speed of 10Mbps and an upload speed of 1Mbps, you can request an upgraded connection. The service provider for Nottinghamshire is BT whom you can make the request to. You do not need to be an existing BT customer to apply.

If you believe you fit the criteria to request a decent broadband connection you are recommended to visit the BT website where they can check your eligibility.

Further details are available here

Gigabit Vouchers

The Government is providing up to £210m worth of voucher funding as immediate help for people experiencing slow broadband speeds in rural areas.

Vouchers worth up to £1,500 for homes and £3,500 for businesses help to cover the costs of installing gigabit broadband to people’s doorsteps.

The rollout to hard to reach areas of the UK will be subsidised by government contracts, awarded to broadband providers over the next few years, until the whole of the UK is connected. The rollout has already begun and you can find out more about it here.

If you and your community are not included in any commercial rollout plans and you do not want to wait for your area to be connected through the Project Gigabit rollout, you can apply for UK Gigabit Vouchers through this scheme.

To apply, you must go through a registered supplier. The checker on this page will direct you to suppliers you can speak to about making an application.

If you’re not sure which supplier would be best suited to help you and your community, contact the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire team via enquiries.broadband@nottscc.gov.uk

Openreach Community Fibre Partnerships

Openreach are able to model solutions for fibre broadband to homes and businesses by building a customised solution to meet the needs of the community. Openreach will develop a modelled solution for the area which brings together funding from local authorities, government vouchers and their own contributions in line with their commercial model. Find out more about Openreach Community Fibre Partnerships.

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