Wonderland Memorabilia

A number of businesses who currently operate out of the Gotham Lane Industrial Units are now benefitting from fibre-optic broadband for the very first time - thanks to the pace of the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire Programme.

Wonderland Memorabilia are the latest enterprise to take advantage of the multi-million pound roll out of fibre-optic broadband across Nottinghamshire. 

Wonderland Memorabilia is a local company specialising in the design and production of high end sporting, music, TV and movie memorabilia, items include signed football and rugby shirts, cricket bats and signed photos. All memorabilia stock is purchased directly from the sports person or through an agent who would deal directly with them. Wonderland Memorabilia offer a complete silent auction service and claim to offer some of the best auction prizes in the UK.

undefined"We were delighted to find out that fibre-optic broadband was available in the local area; running a busy operation with up to 12 staff members all needing access to the internet and sending emails all at the same time was less than ideal. During busy periods, the ability to communicate effectively and respond in a timely fashion to our customers represented a challenge, surviving on speeds of around 6.5Mbps was not helpful when running our business”.

“Most of our business is carried out online therefore having access to reliable, fast and resilient broadband is an absolute must for us. A notable difference since upgrading to fibre broadband was the ease and speed in which our designers could not only produce artwork but regularly send large files to clients, some of which could be up to 40GB in size.”

“Being able to send such large files in under a minute made a refreshing change as it truly helped us in achieving our print & distribution deadlines”

“A number of our systems are web based applications, including our Sage CRM database & booking system. Before fibre the system would often crash, this would add to our frustration as we would then need to log back in when the internet became available to check and start the whole process again. Since the upgrade to fibre, such instances are few and far between thankfully” said Steve Campbell, Finance Director at Wonderland Memorabilia.

“The upgrade process was relatively straightforward and we knew it wouldn’t happen automatically. We contacted our IT provider who organised the upgrade which happened with minimal fuss all for an extra £2.50 per week – a small investment to make for the service we are currently receiving” Steve explained.

“Quite simply, the speed at which we can conduct our business has greatly improved and are very pleased with the new and improved service. We live in a world now where you want everything at the flick of a switch or turn of the tap and broadband should be the same”.

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