The Manvers Arms

undefinedThanks to the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire Programme a local pub in the village of Cotgrave is now drawing in more and more customers.

The Manvers Arms is at the heart of the old mining village of Cotgrave in Rushcliffe. With its central location the pub is ideally located to meet the needs of the local residents and provides an excellent venue for business meetings, wedding receptions and community events. Furthermore, with its revamped restaurant and access to Wi-fi The Manvers is entering the next phase of its development plans.

Landlord Phil Pearson said: “We first heard that fibre broadband was coming to Cotgrave when we saw advertisements in the Cotgrave Connections circular, and green cabinets appearing around the area with posters on them”.

“By upgrading to fibre broadband we have addressed a number of the issues that were holding the business back”.

“We’ve resolved problems with our PDQ card machine, as it uses a broadband connection for authorising transactions and back office software for our business, which allows remote access from our IT support and this was very unreliable due to poor connectivity”.

“Our jukebox in the main bar has the ability to stream up to 7 million songs from the internet, but prior to the upgrade, we could not download the songs quick enough to meet the demand of a busy pub on a Friday night.”

“Finally the best asset of having better broadband has been our customer Wi-Fi access point. We now offer free wifi to our customers, with over 650 unique users who have registered and used this service since being installed. It has allowed is to extend our offer to customers and helped us to further become a valuable hub of the community”.

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