Service Delivery Plan

Registration Service Delivery Plan 2022 to 2023

Nottinghamshire County Council Registration and Celebratory Services has the statutory function of providing a responsive service to the public for the registration of births, stillbirths, deaths, notices of marriage and civil partnership and consequent ceremonies, production of legal documentation and the approval of premises for marriages and partnerships.

The service is also responsible for Citizenship Ceremonies in the County, and offers an increasing number of non-statutory ceremonies such as Naming and Celebration of vows.

It also delivers, upon request, the "Tell Us Once" service on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions in respect of births and deaths.

Our Service Delivery Plan sets out how the service is organised and identifies our key objectives for the year.

Download the service delivery plan [PDF].

Registration Service Engagement Strategy

Nottinghamshire County Council Registration and Celebratory Services is committed to continued service development and customer satisfaction.

Our engagement strategy details how team members engage with others, seek feedback and suggestions and how these are used to inform frontline service delivery.

Download the service engagement strategy [PDF].

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