Registering a stillbirth

As well as being an important source of historical and statistical information, registering a stillbirth gives parents the opportunity to give their child a formal record and to give him or her a name if they so wish.

A stillborn child is legally defined as a child born after the 24th week of pregnancy and who did not show any signs of life at any time after being born. If the stillbirth occurred in Nottinghamshire, you can register the death at any of our registration offices.

How to register a stillbirth

Contact your local register office to make an appointment to register the stillbirth. 

There is no charge for the registration itself, but there is a fee for any certificates, if requested by the parent(s). Only the child's mother or father (as named in the registration) can apply for a certificate after the day of registration.

You will need to bring with you the medical certificate of stillbirth issued by the doctor or midwife present at the time.

The registrar will ask for the following details:

  • the child's date and place of stillbirth; name(s) and surname, if the parents wish; the sex of the child
  • the father's name and surname; date and place of birth; occupation (where his information is to be recorded in the register)
  • the mother's name and surname; maiden surname if previously married; date and place of birth; occupation; address; date of marriage, if married to child's father.

For further information, please contact your local register office.

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