Living eulogies

We offer an opportunity for your wishes to be recorded and preserved so that following your death, those closest to you do not have to guess or make decisions on your behalf and can hold the funeral service that you wanted. Having these detailed plans recorded ensures your family, or those arranging the funeral, do not feel the pressure of having to make decisions about your funeral service at such a difficult time for them.

You may already have set your affairs in order with a pre-paid funeral plan. Our living eulogy service enables you to go that one step further. Our experienced funeral celebrants will work with you to compose a fitting eulogy and plan music, readings, prayers and hymns (if required) of your choice.

It couldn’t be simpler. You tell us about your life, your achievements, what lessons you have learnt and what messages you wish to convey to those nearest and dearest after you have died. We will ensure your funeral is fitting and personal.

Once completed to your satisfaction, we will preserve your eulogy at the Nottinghamshire registration records archive.

A living eulogy can be prepared at any time. It is popular with those in the early stages of dementia, or receiving care and support for the first time and when making a will or appointing power of attorney.

For more information phone 0300 500 80 80.

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