Land searches

We provide a rights of way land search service to advise landowners, potential buyers and planners on the existence of rights of way in a specified area.

It's important to know about any rights of way as they can impact on what you are able to do with the land and you could be responsible for their maintenance. Rights of way are highways and as such they must be open and available for use by the public at all times.

A land search can be useful:

  • if you are buying a property/landholding - to see if it has a right of way across it

  • if you are thinking of changing the use of the land, for example pasture/grass fields into horse paddocks - the existence of a right of way may affect how you can use the land and should be considered before any development takes place

  • if you are planning a development or building works – to ensure you don't obstruct any rights of way.

Requesting a land search

You can request a land search in person, in writing or via a solicitor.

In person - free of charge

You can visit our offices in West Bridgford during office hours to view the Definitive Map and Statement, the legal record of rights of way for Nottinghamshire, on which you can base a decision about the existence of a right of way.

By post/email - £12 including VAT

If you would like us to provide advice on the location of a right of way (for example if you are buying a property) you can request a land search. This can be a direct request to the Countryside Access team or it can be made via your solicitor.

To process a search we need:

  • a plan or map with the area to be searched clearly marked
  • the address of the area to be searched
  • a description to indicate the area in which you are interested in searching
  • your contact details (telephone or email, postal address).

Contact us

We aim to respond to search requests within seven working days.

Countryside Access Team
Fox Road
West Bridgford

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