Lady Bay Bridge closure

Why is the bridge closed?

Lady Bay Bridge is currently closed to two-way traffic after a lorry stuck the brick parapet on Monday 4 July. Several metres of the brick structure have been destroyed and so there is currently a gap in the bridge and the safety barrier.

What are you doing to repair the bridge?

We are working closely with Nottingham City Council to get the bridge reopen.

A complex clean up operation has taken place and teams from Via East Midlands sourced and installed temporary concrete barriers to make the bridge safe for traffic in the short term.  

Structural scaffolding is now in place and the specialist bridge contractor is preparing the brick work ready to start the main repair work next week (week commencing 8 August) with the aim of completion by the end of August.

Given the local heritage of the bridge, materials are being sourced which match the existing style. The parapet will also be rebuilt to replicate the previous design and wherever possible we’re reusing materials.

How long will these repairs take?

There is significant damage to the bridge and so we anticipate that these repairs will take a number of weeks to complete. We are hoping that the permanent repairs will be complete by the end of August. 

When will the bridge reopen?

The bridge is now open to southbound traffic leaving the city from the Meadow Lane end. 

Why have you chosen to open the bridge in this direction?

We have chosen to open the bridge from the city side in the direction of Radcliffe Road/West Bridgford to reduce congestion in Nottingham City. Reducing congestion means that the movements of emergency services will not be limited.  

Why can’t we switch the one-way traffic direction between morning and evening?

We considered all options in reopening the bridge, but switching the direction each morning and evening would cause significant challenges for road users and workers. ‘Tidal flows’ have been used in other regions but generally on main arterial routes into cities and not usually involving diversion routes. The traffic management measures would need to be changed twice per day and this method would also risk confusing motorists who do not make regular journeys in the area.

Why can’t you fully open the bridge?

The full reopening cannot happen until the permanent repairs have been made and we anticipate that this will take a number of weeks.

We are able to partially reopen the bridge now that temporary concrete barriers are in place. The collision has damaged part of the brick structure so it would be unsafe to allow vehicles to use the bridge in both directions while these repairs are being made.

The permanent repairs are complex due to the bridge being a heritage structure and the need to be working at heights for it to be reconstructed. We will provide updates on the progress of works throughout the coming weeks.

What does the closure mean for my journey?

Lady Bay Bridge is a key route into and out of Nottingham City and so the closure is likely to have an impact on surrounding routes.

Motorists should use either Trent Bridge, Clifton Bridge or Gunthorpe Bridge as an alternative route.

Can I walk and cycle over the bridge?

Yes, the pavement on Lady Bay Bridge is still open and is safe to use. We ask that cyclists dismount and use the path as lanes are narrow following the installation of the new barriers.

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