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Joint column for Children’s Mental Health Week from Councillor Scott Carlton and Councillor Tracey Taylor

Wednesday, 7 February 2024

“This Children’s Mental Health Week, 5-11 February, I am reflecting on the challenges I experienced with my own mental health as a young person.

“Resources like NottAlone weren’t available when I was growing up, but it is encouraging to see the different types of support that are available for young people today.

“Mental health truly doesn’t discriminate, no matter your background or age, which is why it is so important to give young people the support they need.

“Having open and honest conversations with young people can help to challenge stigmas and give them the space to open up to you.

“So this is my challenge to you: if you do one thing this week, please start a conversation about mental health with the young person in your life. It really could change their life for the better.

“If you’re not sure where to start, the website has plenty of useful information to help you, with links to local support services if you need them. The website has information for young people as well as content tailored for parents/carers and professionals who are supporting young people. It’s the best place to go for local support and advice.”

- Councillor Scott Carlton, Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Health and Mental Health Champion, Nottinghamshire County Council.


“To mark Children’s Mental Health Week, NottAlone is hosting two events for young people where they can learn about mental health and feel empowered to speak up when they need help.

“The events encapsulate the theme of Children’s Mental Health Week, ‘my voice matters’, through workshops which encourage young people to reflect on their feelings and express them through poetry, art or even dance.

“Performances from local talent and young people also capture the theme while providing entertainment and inspiration to the school pupils attending, and over 40 local support services will share information and advice for young people about the support available to them.

“The approach for these events is to create a young-person-friendly environment where they can learn about mental health topics and connect with the services that are available to them.

“The events will bring it all to life for the young people in a memorable way, which I hope is a key part in their journey to understanding mental health and how to get support.

“If the name that young people remember at the end of this week is NottAlone, then we will know it has been a success.”

- Councillor Tracey Taylor, Cabinet Member for Children and Families, Nottinghamshire County Council.

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