What services does the Children's Integrated Commissioning Hub commission?

The Children's Integrated Commissioning Hub is responsible for commissioning a range of services on behalf of the NHS and local authority organisations, including:

Universal services:

  • maternity services
  • oral health
  • public health services for children aged 0-five, including health visiting
  • public health service for children and young people aged 5-19, including school nursing
  • healthy schools
  • accident prevention
  • support for obesity, weight management, smoking, sexual health and domestic abuse. 

Targeted and specialist services:

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health services (CAMHS) Tiers 2/3
  • health services for children in care
  • community health services for children with disabilities and SEN
  • teenage pregnancy interventions
  • family nurse partnership
  • health services for young offenders in the community
  • pediatric therapies
  • elements of community paediatrics.

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