Adoption Application: Registration of Interest

Application Guidance: 

Adoption East Midlands are pleased to welcome your application and formal ‘registration of interest’.  

To begin your application, you will need to create or log into your account so that you can save and return to your application at any time. Please note that the application will automatically time out after 60 minutes of inactivity so please ensure you save your progress. 

Within your online application, you will first be asked to agree to our terms and to then complete the relevant sections, including personal details about each applicant, Registration of Interest, Declaration of Health, and Declaration of Suitability. Any other household members over 16 years of age will also be required to complete an individual Declaration of Suitability – you can download this document and information about how to return documents to us via secure email from the ‘Additional Information’ area of this page, and this can be securely emailed to the social worker who is dealing with your application. Please ensure that you fully complete the forms to the best of your ability. 

Thank you for choosing Adoption East Midlands and we look forward to supporting your adoption journey.  

Working in Partnership  

It is important during the adoption process that there is a commitment to an honest and open exchange between you and the social workers you will meet. This is an essential part of our working relationship with you. We would ask that you share full information with us and do not withhold any information about things that may influence your capacity to care for a child. 

Part of our role as an adoption agency is to have a robust assessment process that ensures that: 

  • the child’s best interest is at the centre of the decision-making and assessment processes 
  • we uphold our duty in respect of safeguarding the children who are awaiting adoption 

We will discuss any issues or concerns that may emerge throughout the assessment process with you so there is an opportunity to resolve them wherever possible. If there is information that is provided from references or statutory checks, we will share as fully as possible, but any third party information will have to take account of data protection law. 

If you are unsure about the impact of sharing any information on your adoption application, then please discuss this with us. 


Should you require any support with completing your application, in the first instance please contact the social worker who is dealing with your application. Otherwise, please contact our Enquiry Line on 0115 804 4567 or via email at:

Next Steps: 

Once you have submitted your registration of interest you will receive an acknowledgement email, we will have 5 working days in which to accept your application. Should there be any incomplete information, we will return this to you with feedback for you to complete which may create delay in accepting your application. Once we have all required information, you will receive confirmation via email and an acceptance letter will be sent to you in due course. You will then formally enter the adoption process. 

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