Seasonal safety

Scams, counterfeit goods and protecting your rights as a consumer - all of these are important no matter what time of year it is.

But, whether it's Christmas or Halloween to name a few, there are some events in the calendar year where it pays to take extra care.

Here's our top tips for putting safety first during some of the year's biggest seasonal events.

Make sure that you and your children are spook-tacularly safe this Halloween by making sure to purchase costumes which meet our safety advice:


Make sure your costume is purchased from a reliable source, preferably in the UK. This means it will comply with domestic safety standards and is therefore to be of a higher standard of fire safety.

Checking the label

When thinking about your costume, take some time to check the label and look out for the words: “This garment has undergone additional safety testing for flammability.” ALL parts of your costume should be flame retardant.

The CE mark

This is as close to a safety guarantee as you can get. But don’t be fooled, counterfeit goods often try to fake this mark, so the best way to tell if it’s genuine is by looking at the ‘E.’ You’ll know if it’s a genuine CE mark if the middle line of the E is shorter than the rest of the letter. 

Check for recalls:

It's important to check whether your chosen costume is subject to a product recall. To do this, simply search for 'CTSI recalls' for a full list of all products.


We can’t talk about costume safety without mentioning that all garments have a risk of being flammable so keep yourself and your child away from naked flames.

Safety instructions:

Ensure that the product is accompanied by safety information and instructions where applicable.



Tis' the season to be safe!

Whether you're shopping in store, or online, here's a few things you need to know about toy safety.

Shopping online

If you're buying toys or other presents online, make sure to buy from reputable retailers. It's always a good idea to read ratings and reviews carefully before making a purchase.

Be age aware

Toys must be clearly marked with age restrictions, so always check and follow the requirements.

Is it the real deal?

It's always a good idea to compare the price with other retailers and sellers. If something is a fraction of the price of a reputable, trusted retailer, there's a good chance 



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