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Residents parking schemes

What is a residents parking scheme?

A controlled parking scheme or zone, more commonly known as a residents parking scheme, is a street or area where parking is controlled in order to help residents park their vehicles. They are provided in areas where vehicles not belonging to residents are making this difficult.

The hours of operation vary according to each zone but generally schemes operate during the working day from Monday - Saturday. The times of operation are shown on the signs for drivers entering the residents parking scheme area.

During this period the majority of spaces are reserved for resident permit holders and sometimes, visitor permit holders. Occasionally, limited waiting spaces are available to visit local businesses.

What the permit allows you to do

The permit allows you to park in any parking spaces which are reserved for permit holders. These spaces will be identified by a sign similar to the one below:

Controlled parking zone road sign - permit holders only


Depending on the type of scheme, visitor permits may be issued. If not, visitors to the area without permits can only park where there are spaces provided for this purpose. These spaces will be identified by signs similar to the ones below:

Where no limit of stay is applied:

Parking sign

Where there is a limited length of stay:

Controlled parking zone road sign showing limited length of stay

Blue badge holders

You cannot park in resident permit holders' spaces unless you also have a valid permit for the area.

However, if you have a disabled persons blue badge you can park in time limited spaces for as long as you wish. You may also park for up to three hours on single or double yellow lines, where it is safe to do so and will not cause an obstruction. You must show both your blue badge and time clock in accordance with the rules of the blue badge scheme.

Applying for a permit

You can request an application pack online. Packs will be sent out within five working days of receipt of a completed form. You will be required to enclose:

  • proof of residency (a recent bank statement, gas or electric bill, motor insurance, tenancy agreement or a letter from a solicitor with your name and address on it)
  • proof of vehicle ownership (copy of the current motor insurance policy)
  • the completed application pack, together with payment where applicable. 

A charge will be made for each permit issued with the exception of those issued to permit holders who are 75 years of age or more or are a Blue Badge holder.

Please note that until you have a valid permit, you are likely to get Penalty Charge Notices on your vehicle if you park within a residents parking zone.   

Renewing your permit

Permits are valid for one year and you are responsible for renewing your permit when it is due to expireYou will receive a renewal letter a month before the permit expires with details of how to renew your permit. If for any reason you have not received this letter, please contact us on tel: 01623 434519.

You can renew your permit online using the information provided in the renewal letter. Alternatively, please complete and return this renewal form [WORD] by post. Once we have received your completed form and checked your details, we will aim to send a replacement permit within five working days. Please allow enough time for the replacement permit to arrive and in the meantime, please be aware that if you park within the residents parking zone without a valid permit, you are likely to receive Penalty Charge Notices on your vehicle. You can also call us on tel: 01623 434519 during office hours.

Changing your vehicle

If you change your vehicle, contact us immediately to obtain 14 days temporary dispensation and then return the old permit, with your application for a permit for your new vehicle, to this address:

Central Processing Unit
PO Box 10282
NG17 0DX

Your duties as a permit holder

It is your duty to ensure that:

  • Your permit is valid for the scheme area in which you are parking
  • Your permit has not expired
  • The registration number is correct
  • Your permit is used in accordance with the conditions of issue
  • The permit is clearly displayed within the windscreen of the vehicle.

A permit may be withdrawn or invalidated if:

  • It is found that a permit is not being used in accordance with these guidelines
  • It is found that a person is no longer eligible to hold a permit
  • The permit is altered or defaced in any way or passed to unauthorised users.

Warning: Any person knowingly making a false statement to fraudulently obtain a permit is liable to a fine not exceeding £2,500 (section 115/2 Road Traffic Act 1984).

Requesting a new residents parking scheme

To request that your street is considered for residents only parking you need to put a request in writing to your local area Highways office. It would be useful to include a petition from your neighbours requesting the street become residents parking only.

We receive many requests for residents parking schemes and we consider these against a number of criteria before responding. It would be helpful if you could include the full details of the parking problems you are having.

Residents parking schemes only work where the problem is caused by non-residents parking in the street; if the problem is caused by residents' vehicles, a controlled zone will not improve the situation.

Further information

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