Apply for a licence to erect scaffolding, hoarding and advertising boards

If you want to erect and maintain scaffolding, hoarding or other structures on or over a road you need to obtain a licence. You will need a separate licence for each location.

Apply for a scaffolding or hoarding licence

To apply for a licence complete the application form above and return to:

Highway Authorisations Team
Trent Bridge House
Fox Road
West Bridgford

Or email it to:

To complete the application form you must state where, when and what type of scaffolding/hoarding you wish to erect. We require ten working days from receipt of application for processing.

You must also:

  • declare that you have received and will conform to the Nottinghamshire County Council Standard Conditions (these are included in the application form)
  • provide evidence that you hold Public Liability Insurance with a limit of no less than £5,000,000 and state the Indemnity to the Principal Clause
  • declare that the utilities have been consulted and agree to the proposals
  • declare that you understand that the responsibility for ensuring compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974 is that of the Licensee and his/her contractor and not of the Highway Authority or its Agent.


Charges for licences will depend upon the length of the proposed structure and on how long it is required to be in the road.

Scaffold: Charges for 2018 - 2019
Length Initial 2 weeks per extra week
0m to 5m £97 £75
5m to 10m £160 £75
10m to 20m £214 £80
20m to 40m £294 £123
40m to 60m £374 £123
60m to 80m £454 £123
80m to 100m £534 £123


Costs per week
Length Initial 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 Weeks 6 Weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks
0m to 5m £97 £172 £247 £322 £397 £472 £547
5m to 10m £160 £235 £310 £385 £460 £535 £610
10m to 20m £214 £294 £374 £454 £534 £614 £694
20m to 40m £294 £417 £540 £663 £786 £909 £1,032
40m to 60m £374 £497 £620 £743 £866 £989 £1,112
60m to 80m £454 £577 £700 £823 £946 £1,069 £1,192
80m to 100m £534 £657 £780 £903 £1,026 £1,149 £1,272

If an invoice is requested by the scaffold company an additional charge will be made to cover administration costs.

Further information

More information about advertising boards and displays of goods on the highway [PDF]

Apply for an advertising board licence

You can apply for an advertising board licence by contacting:

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