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Shared lives

Shared lives supports vulnerable people so they can live as independently as possible in the community.

Who can use Shared Lives? 

Shared lives is for people who:

  • need support to live in the community
  • are over 18
  • are eligible for social care services.

This includes people who have:

  • a learning disability
  • a mental health issue
  • support or care due to their age
  • a physical disability
  • other disabilities or impairments which cause them to be vulnerable or at risk.

What support does Shared Lives offer?  

 Shared lives support can be delivered in several different ways: 

  • living in a carer's home: the person needing support may live in the carers own home and be supported in their everyday life. Sharing a carer's home can be to cover a short-term need (such as providing a break for a person's main carer) or a longer-term situation
  • day-time support: regular support sessions held in the carer's home
  • outreach support: the person needing support lived in their own home, a carer provide help as needed.

How can I get support from Shared Lives? 

You will need an assessment to see if you are eligible for support.

If you have already had an assessment please contact your social worker to find out more about support.

Could you be a Shared Lives carer?

We are recruiting Shared Lives carers across Nottinghamshire. Carers are paid depending on the needs of the person they look after and receive training. Read our shared lives leaflet [PDF] for more information. 

Hear from two of our Shared Lives carers:



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