Becoming a licensed wedding venue in Nottinghamshire

If you are currently taking bookings for receptions, parties, buffets, you may wish to offer your customers the option of a personalised ceremony at your venue during the day or evening to celebrate their anniversary, the naming of children or a memorial service, as well as weddings and civil partnerships. If you have a silver wedding celebration booked why not offer a ceremony to begin the evening before friends and family start to party.

Nottinghamshire currently has 68 venues ranging from pubs, town halls and community centres to sporting venues and pumping stations, as well as the more traditional hotels and stately homes. This year we already have 1300 bookings for ceremonies at our licensed venues and we know we can do more if you join us.

Increasingly popular is the demand for outdoor ceremonies in gazebos and bandstands. To license an outdoor room the structure must be a permanent feature in the grounds comprising one room and a roof; it should be able to accommodate six people; you must also have an indoor room to license in case of inclement weather.

There is an introductory licence fee for all new premises but you don’t have to pay this immediately. Initially you can pay £110 for a Registration Manager to come and visit your venue to advise if your venue meets the criteria for a licence before you apply.

To apply for your first civil ceremony licence please download our new venue application pack [PDF]

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