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Apply for planning permission

Apply for minerals and waste development planning.

To find out if you need planning permission for housing, commercial or industrial development, contact your local district council or Nottingham City Council, depending on where the property is located.

View planning applications

To see planning applications for housing and industrial/commercial development, visit the website of your local district council.

View planning applications submitted to the County Council:

Photo of Lawn View House.

Planning applications

The County Council deal with planning applications for schools, libraries, roads, quarries and more.

Planning applications for housing, industrial and commercial development are dealt with by the local district council, or by Nottingham City Council.

Our role in planning

The County Council is involved, along with partners across the region, in many aspects of planning. These include spatial (or land use) planning, minerals and waste planning and dealing with plans for County Council development.

Other parts of the County Council have an interest in planning matters, and districts councils play an important role.

We are concerned with sub-regional planning in the Three Cities sub-area and the Northern sub-area. We work with Nottingham City Council and district councils to support their development plans, known as Local Development Frameworks (LDFs).

We produce Minerals and Waste LDFs and administers some planning applications, such as those for schools. We also work to obtain financial contributions from development which are needed to help provide infrastructure such as schools, transport improvements and other community facilities.

Latest news

Public Local Inquiry: Bilsthorpe Energy Centre 

A public local inquiry is being held in November to consider plans for the construction and operation of a Plasma Gasification Facility, Materials Recovery Facility and Energy Generation  infrastructure together with supporting infrastructure on land at the Bilsthorpe Business Park, Off Eakring Road, Bilsthorpe.

Find out more and read documents related the inquiry.

Nottinghamshire Local Wildlife Site Handbook

The Nottinghamshire Ecological and Geological Data Partnership, of which Nottinghamshire County Council is a member, is currently seeking comments on a "Nottinghamshire Local Wildlife Site Handbook". 

This Handbook sets out the processes and criteria which will be used to designated Local Wildlife Sites in Nottinghamshire - these are sites which do not receive any legal protection, but are of county-level importance for their wildlife and are of particular relevance within the planning system. 

The first two parts of the document are now available to view on the Nottingham City Council website and the consultation is open until 31 October 2013. Anyone with an interest in wildlife or the planning system is encouraged to comment, and responses can be emailed to NBGRCG@nottinghamcity.gov.uk  

Onshore oil and gas (including 'fracking')

See our Fracking page for more information about fracking and onshore exploration in Nottinghamshire.

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