Grow-wise Child Development Programme


This new innovative resource, developed by Nottinghamshire County Council and the University of Nottingham, provides frontline practitioners with an accessible, well-researched and practice-based training programme covering all aspects of child development from conception through to 19 years of age.

About the training

We recognise that the growth in multi-agency working, coupled with the need to work with families in a more holistic way, requires a much broader understanding of child development amongst professionals who engage with children, young people and their families - providing them with a shared understanding of what 'normal' child development looks like and a common language with which to voice their concerns to other professionals. 

This unique online training programme provides a range of organisations with a highly cost effective way of training entire cohorts of staff. Equally, in the current economic climate, it makes good business sense to be able to offer staff a programme that they can access at a time to suit themselves, and in a place convenient to them – without incurring the costs of trainers, venues, catering and travel.

The Grow-wise Child Development Programme has been based on research conducted on behalf of the Department for Education. Read the full report below:

What's included

The training programme includes:

  • 22 learning modules divided across age groups and development fields (physical, emotional etc.)
  • 8 hours of learning materials (which can be spread over a given period)
  • assessments at the end of each age group
  • case studies to reflect upon and take back to the workplace for further discussion
  • certificate of completion
  • additional downloadable/printable resources for further study
  • manager's handbook - so that learning can be consolidated back in the workplace
  • evaluation resources and follow-up support (optional).

This programme is available to statutory, private and voluntary organisations – and would be relevant to a wide range of practitioners, including social workers, health professionals, police, youth workers, foster carers and those working for family-focussed charities. It can be purchased on an annual licence, or per-head, basis.

Review our foundation module.

Find out more

For further details, or to discuss your organisation's needs, please contact our Children's Workforce Development Manager:

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