Proposal for recycling centre in Cotgrave

A proposal to develop and submit a planning application for a £2.5m recycling centre in Cotgrave, Rushcliffe, was agreed by Nottinghamshire County Council in October 2020.

Councillor Phil Rostance

“We are fully committed to delivering an additional recycling centre for Rushcliffe. The new facility will be an investment in making sure that we are providing a service fit for the future and to meet the needs of a growing population with the anticipated housing growth in the local area. Nottinghamshire County Council has an ambitious and far reaching environmental strategy which I’m committed to supporting”. Councillor Phil Rostance, Vice Chairman of the Communities and Place Committee.

Once the planning application has been submitted , residents will be able to have their say on the proposals as part of the planning application process, as detailed in the frequently asked questions below.


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Frequently asked questions

We've put together some detailed frequently asked questions to help answer any queries you may have about the proposal. 

Why are you building a new recycling centre?

There are currently 12 Recycling Centres across Nottinghamshire, but only one located in the Borough of Rushcliffe. The recycling centre in West Bridgford is relatively small and with anticipated new housing developments/growth, will not be able to meet future needs.

Are you going to close the recycling centre in West Bridgford?

This proposed new site in Cotgrave is an additional recycling centre and there are currently no plans to close the site located on Rugby Road in West Bridgford.

Why is the old recycling centre in Langar not being re-opened?

Langar Recycling Centre was closed in 2015. After closure the site was handed back to the landowner and the Environmental Permit was surrendered to the Environment Agency.

What impact will the new recycling centre have on the environment?

The council has recently approved the development of a corporate environment strategy. We are committed to minimising its impact on the environment. This additional site will help deliver on some of the environmental aspirations the Council has.

The site will be designed to ensure it has minimum impact on the local environment. It will be located off the main highway network and will be screened from Hollygate Lane by retaining the existing substantial hedge, supplemented by additional planting to minimise the visual impact and further enhance the local ecology and biodiversity.

An ecological survey of the site has taken place as part of preparation of the planning application process.

Any liquid wastes like waste cooking oil, surplus paint or unwanted garden chemicals will be stored safely in bunded leak proof containers before being taken off site for processing. Site staff will regularly monitor containers where flammable waste is stored.

Having an additional recycling centre in Nottinghamshire will benefit the environment as it will increase our capacity to reuse and recycle more of the county’s waste.

Will the site generate noise in the local area?

As part of environmental mitigations additional landscaping has also been incorporated into the design of the rear of the site, to improve visual and noise screening.

Will the site generate smells in the local area?

It is not expected that the site will generate any smells in the local area. Very little general or organic waste (other than garden waste) is deposited at the sites.

Who will run the site once it is open?

The new recycling centre will be managed by the County Council’s waste contractor, who manages the other 12 of Nottinghamshire’s recycling centres on behalf of the Council.

How much waste will the site handle?

It is expected that the site will handle approximately 5,000-6,000 tonnes of waste per year.

For comparison our most used site, Newark Recycling Centre, received 10,110 tonnes of waste in 2019/20, and Hucknall Recycling Centre our least used only 5,113 tonnes. The West Bridgford Recycling Centre received 8,358 tonnes last year.

Nottinghamshire’s recycling centres collectively have a fantastic recycling rate with an average of over 80% of material accepted being reused, recycled or composted.

What type of waste will be accepted at the recycling centre?

A range of household items can be recycled or disposed of at all recycling centres across Nottinghamshire, including glass, textiles, metals, electricals, engine oil, cooking oil and garden waste.

An extensive list can be found on the County Council’s A-Z web page.

Will the new site accept paint?

The proposed recycling centre in Cotgrave will also host a paint reuse facility, the Nottinghamshire Community RePaint scheme.

The Community RePaint scheme collects reusable, leftover paint and re-distributes it to individuals, families, communities and charities in need. There are currently 4 sites which host the scheme in Nottinghamshire, this will be a welcomed addition to the network.

Will the site be free to use?

Yes, all Recycling Centres across Nottinghamshire are free to use if you are a Nottinghamshire resident and are registered to use them.

What will the opening hours of the site be?

Subject to any planning limitations imposed, and like the other 12 Recycling Centres across Nottinghamshire the new site will be open every day of the year except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. The opening times will vary depending on the time of year:

  • January and February: 8am to 4pm
  • March: 8am to 6pm
  • April to September: 8am to 8pm
  • October: 8am to 6pm
  • November and December: 8am to 4pm

How will the site be secured?

It is a condition of the Environment Agency’s Environmental Permit that the site is secure.

There will be security gates at the entrance of the site, which will be locked once the site has closed. Furthermore, CCTV will be in operation at the site, as is the case with all sites across the County.

Will I need to book a slot online to visit the recycling centre - like I do for West Bridgford?

No, it is not expected that there will be a booking system in place at the site.

Where will the proposed recycling centre be located?

The proposed site is located on County Council owned land, off Hollygate Lane in Cotgrave and was formerly part of the Cotgrave Colliery site but is currently being used for agriculture.

The preferred site is within the Greenbelt which means the planning application will need to demonstrate very special circumstances to obtain planning permission and will need to prove that there is a clear local need for an additional recycling centre.

Why did you choose to build the site in Cotgrave?

The County Council undertook an extensive site search to identify a suitable location for a new recycling centre, including commissioning a specialist planning consultant - RPS.
Over 80 sites were reviewed and assessed, and a site located off Hollygate Lane in Cotgrave has been identified as the preferred site suitable for a recycling centre.

The facility is in convenient distance for residents of Cotgrave and the main surrounding communities of Bingham, Radcliffe on Trent, Keyworth, Ruddington, Gamston and other villages within Rushcliffe.

How accessible will the site be for residents with a disability or poor mobility?

The design of the site will ensure that it is accessible to all residents. It will be a split level site so there will be no steps or ramps required to access the containers.

Who can use the site?

The site will be available for Nottinghamshire residents who have registered to use any of the County’s recycling centres. The site will not be open to traders or people who are not Nottinghamshire residents.

What effect will the site have on the neighbouring scout camp?

It is currently proposed that the Recycling Centre will have a new shared access with the neighbouring scout camp.

The current access road to the scout camp will be replaced with a tarmacked road, therefore improving access for its users.

The planning application will take in to account the wider planned growth in Cotgrave, including other proposed highways improvements.

Will it cause more traffic through the village of Cotgrave?

We will work closely with colleagues in Highways and Via to ensure that appropriate road signage and routing will be used to guide traffic to the recycling centre avoiding the village of Cotgrave.

How will users access the site?

As shown on the site plans, the entrance to the site for residents will be shared with the neighbouring scout camp, just off Hollygate Lane.

The design of the site has incorporated a new road which leads up to the recycling centre. This will allow for any vehicles to queue off the highway, if required at busy times, which means that traffic queues should not occur on Hollygate Lane itself.

How will Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs) access the site?

There is a separate entrance planned for heavy goods vehicles (HGV) to enter the service yard and change the containers when they are full, and this will be directly off Hollygate Lane.

There will be no conflict between site users and HGVs.

How many people will visit the site?

Further work on site visits and HGV vehicle movements will be carried out as part of the planning application process, however based on other recycling centres in Nottinghamshire vehicle movements are expected to be in the range of 300-500 public vehicles per day.

When will the planning application be submitted?

Development of a detailed planning application is underway, and it is expected the application and supporting documents will be submitted to the County Council acting in its statutory role as Waste Planning Authority (WPA) for Nottinghamshire for consideration early in the new year.

An application will also need to be submitted to the Environment Agency for an Environmental Permit for the site, which will happen at the same time as the planning application.

How can I comment on the proposal?

There will be an opportunity to comment on any element of the application through the formal planning process.

This will be open for comments once the planning application has been submitted to the WPA. Residents views will be taken into account as part of the formal decision-making process including being reported to the Planning and Licensing Committee of the County Council as appropriate.

If granted planning permission, when is the site expected to be open for the public?

Subject to gaining planning permission and the Environmental Permit it is anticipated it will take up to 6 months to construct a new site. Therefore, a new site could be open to the public later in 2021.

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