Date Description
December 2014 Planning Permission Granted by Gedling Borough Council for the Gedling Access Road
January 2016 Diversion of utilities (gas) on Arnold Lane
April 2016 Borehole drilling for ground investigation
July 2016 Letters sent out to land owners informing them of the CPO process
March 2017 Nottinghamshire County Council approve making of theCPO
November 2017 Diversion of utilities (electricity) on Arnold Lane
December 2017 Commencement of advanced drainage works  - phase 1
Pre-commencement planning conditions discharged
Commencement of advanced drainage works - phase 1
Lawful commencement of development confirmed
March 2018 Additional ground investigation undertaken along route of Gedling Access Road
October 2018 CPO and SRO made on 25 October 2018
November / December 2018 Notification and Publicity of the CPO and SRO. Objection period closes 21 December 2018.
Spring 2019 Ecology mitigation works at Glebe Farm
June 2019 Public Inquiry
Summer 2019 Phase 2 drainage works
January 2020 Proposed start of main construction works
Autumn 2021 Gedling Access Road opens to traffic

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