Accident information

Locally, around 37 people are killed and injured every week on Nottinghamshire's roads. The vast majority of accidents have a significant element of human error and many could be prevented.

Our focus on providing innovative, appropriate and cost effective engineering, education and enforcement interventions must be maintained if we are to bring about further reductions in the numbers of people killed and injured on the county's roads.

Casualties of road injury accidents

You can view details of casualties involved in road injury accidents on the Nottinghamshire Insight Mapping website.

Once you've accepted the terms and conditions, go to 'Layers', click on 'Crime and Safety' and then tick the 'Traffic Accident Casualties' checkbox. Dots will appear on the map to show the location of casualties. Click on a dot for more information about the casualties.

Accidents where no one was injured are not included on this website. The details provided do not give specific names or addresses of casualties and it also does not include collisions that were not reported to the Police.

Where there have been reported injury accidents, the information provided includes:

  • the number of accidents at a location
  • the date and time of accidents
  • the severity of any injuries
  • the sex and age range of the casualty
  • how the casualties were travelling (for example, car driver, car passenger or pedestrian).

Casualty report

The Casualty Report 2012 [PDF] sets out the current situation regarding accidents and casualty trends in Nottinghamshire (excluding the City), our progress towards achieving the national casualty reduction targets, together with details about our ongoing activities targeted at casualty reduction and accident prevention.

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