Report walking and/or cycling improvements that you would like us to consider

As part of its Covid-19 response, the government has recently announced that it is going to make £2 billion investment available to improve walking and cycling, including £250 million for measures such as:

  • temporary pop-up bike lanes with protected space for cycling
  • wider pavements,
  • safer junctions
  • cycle and bus-only corridors.

The government hasn’t confirmed when this funding will be made available or what types of schemes will be eligible for the funding yet, but we’re already working to identify walking and cycling improvements with other local councils. If we receive an allocation of the walking and cycling funding from the government, it is hoped the work we’re already doing will help identify and bring forward schemes already planned that can be constructed relatively quickly.

We’re also working with district councils and other local groups to look at what potential improvements could help people follow social distancing guidelines. These are likely to be temporary measures to help people when they are queuing to use local shops and facilities or making journeys on foot or by bicycle.

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As people are out walking and cycling there’s the opportunity for everyone to help us to identify locations they think would benefit from walking or cycling improvements for us to consider. 

Major cycle schemes often take a long time to plan and deliver and the work we’re already doing will include audits of towns and local centres (and the main routes into them), however, please let us know if for example:

  • you have any specific locations you would like us to investigate to help people follow social distancing guidelines whilst out walking, cycling, or queuing on the road
  • you would like us to consider a new footway or dropped kerbs
  • you would like us to consider a new temporary on-road cycle lane
  • you would like us to consider a new permanent on-road or off-road cycle lane or cycle route.

You will need

Please provide details of the route/location you would like us to investigate as well as some information on the issue you think needs to be overcome at that location.

You will need to complete the form for each individual location you would like us to investigate.

Please note we can only consider improvements at locations on adopted public roads (eg not private roads etc).

Report improvements for us to consider

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