Residents' parking schemes

A residents parking scheme is a form of controlled parking scheme or zone where parking in a street or area is controlled in order to help residents park their vehicles. They are provided in areas where vehicles not belonging to residents are making this difficult.

Request a new residents parking scheme

We receive many requests for residents parking schemes and we consider these against a number of criteria before responding. It would be helpful if you could include the full details of the parking problems you are having.

Residents parking schemes only work where the problem is caused by non-residents parking in the street; if the problem is caused by residents' vehicles, a controlled zone will not improve the situation.

How to make a request

To request that your street is considered for a residents parking scheme you need to make a request using our highways request form.

Alternatively you can contact us by post:

Highways Office
VIA East Midlands Ltd
Bilsthorpe Depot
Bilsthorpe Business Park
NG22 8ST

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