Blue Badge scheme

The aim of the Blue Badge scheme is to help people with severe mobility problems caused by visible and non-visible ('hidden') disabilities to park close to their destination.

Apply for a blue badge

To apply for a Blue Badge, you will need to complete a form on the GOV.UK website via the link below. The form will ask you some questions about your circumstances to check your initial eligibility. If you are identified as eligible based on your answers, you will be asked to complete further questions that will provide the information we require to assess your eligibility in full for a Blue Badge.

You need to complete this form if you are applying for your first Blue Badge or if you want to re-apply for a Badge you have previously held that has expired.

Before you start

A Blue Badge costs £10. This is the only payment you make as part of the application process. If your application is successful you will receive correspondence to make this payment prior to a badge being issued.

You’ll need a recent digital photo showing your head and shoulders.

You’ll also need a photo or scan of your:

  • proof of identity (birth certificate, bus pass, driving licence, marriage certificate, medical ID card or passport) 
  • proof of address (driving licence or a letter dated within the last 12 months for council tax, from the department of work and pensions, or pensions team)
  • proof of benefits (if you receive any)

You’ll also need to know:

  • your National Insurance number (if you have one)
  • the details of your current Blue Badge (if you're re-applying).

If you can't upload all the requested documents now this will not stop you completing the form. At the end of the application you will get information about how to send us these documents.

Apply for a Blue Badge

Alternative ways to apply

If you prefer to speak to us, you can contact our customer service team

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