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FFT Aspire Service

FFT Aspire Service

Nottinghamshire County Council is able to offer schools and academies a discount for access to the FFT Aspire website, which is the reporting and data tool for schools that provides key target setting and school performance evaluation information. FFT Aspire uses the latest curriculum and accountability measures, is quick and easy to access, enables in depth analysis to support future planning, and aids positive conversations with inspectors.

What we offer

  • Initial set up for school to access the website
  • Discounted charges for schools by becoming part of a consortium coordinated by the Council’s Performance Service.
  • FFT delivers the latest pupil performance information with valid comparisons across a wide range of indicators
  • FFT Aspire is visual and user friendly, presenting complex data in a way that can be easily understood
  • The Student Explorer dashboard provide teachers with a complete overview of each pupil 
  • Forward looking pupil and school estimate information is available to support target setting and self evaluation dashboards for value added comparisons are available at national assessment points
  • The Governor Dashboard provides governors with headline information to support and challenge school leaders
  • Reports include a school summary, attainment and achievement, pupil groups, pupil lists, overview of subjects and schools context

Please contact the service directly for more information or buy via the IOS directly.

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FFT Aspire Service Contact

Performance, Intelligence and Policy Team
0115 977 3604

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