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Energy and Carbon Management

Energy and Carbon Management

Helpful, experienced and passionate about saving energy, we provide a comprehensive energy management service to schools, working to reduce the cost of energy, cut carbon emissions and ensure compliance with energy related legislation. 

We offer

  • an evergreen Participation Agreement that allows schools to benefit from the Council’s procurement arrangements for gas and electricity, without the worry of seeking out the best contracts each year. Our arrangement aims to secure consistently good prices and limit the impact of market volatility
  • free energy surveys to identify energy saving opportunities
  • assistance with finance to enable schools to install fast payback energy saving measures through interest-free loans
  • online access to energy consumption and billing data, which can be used to identify wasted energy and improve efficiency
  • a range of excellent resources to help schools save energy and involve students, including our twice-yearly Carbon Copy newsletter
  • a value for money Display Energy Certificate service to ensure legal compliance and help monitor and communicate energy performance. 

Benefits to your school

  • we can help protect your school against increasing energy costs and price volatility
  • we keep an eye on your billing to raise any concerns promptly, and can help resolve issues with suppliers
  • our resources can provide opportunities to engage and involve students and staff in saving energy
  • energy saving measures can bring additional benefits such as upgraded lighting, enhanced user comfort, improved heating controls and reduced maintenance costs.

“As a multi academy trust, utilities are a significant cost and an area of ongoing focus. I have recently raised queries with the team around pricing changes that were unexpected and not explained in the standard literature, usage spikes that needed more investigation, and more general issues on energy VAT rates. We have received prompt responses each time, and with sufficient detail as to allow us to resolve our queries on a timely basis. I have never had to chase up a reply or ask for more clarification, and their help has been much appreciated.” Julia Gills, Federation Accountant for White Hills Park Federation.

"Following a visit from one of the Council’s energy management officer’s we discovered we could use the Council’s LAEF scheme to enhance a planned lighting refurbishment being carried out over the summer. Now we are enjoying much improved lighting levels and are looking forward to seeing reductions in our electricity bills." Linda Azemia, Headteacher, Mornington Primary School.

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