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Occupational Health & Wellbeing

Occupational Health & Wellbeing

Our confidential and flexible occupational health and wellbeing services are delivered by fully qualified, knowledgeable and experienced Occupational Health Physicians and Nurses.

We have a proven track record and extensive experience of working with schools, including Academies, irrespective of their governance arrangements, across Nottinghamshire. 

Our experts in the relationship between health and employment are able to provide joined up support with our professional team of experiences HR Business Partners and Health and Safety Advisors to ensure your school receives the best possible support in our work with you. 

This will enable you to reduce sickness absence and the associated costs and manage sickness more effectively creating a healthier, more productive working environment and a more engaged and motivated workforce. It will also increase staff retention rates and reduce turnover which disrupts the provision of education to children; resulting in savings in time and money in the recruitment and training of new staff. 

All advice and guidance provided is consistent with legal, procedural and other requirements which further reduce the risk of successful claims. 

What we offer:

  • A comprehensive, prompt and confidential occupational health and wellbeing service delivered by expert health professionals with full professional indemnity cover.
  • Medical referral process for advice and support on employee health issues, disability issues, health and safety and legal compliance.
  • Advice and support with the management of performance and capability issues linked to ill health
  • Advice and support on the management of stress cases.
  • A full range of health surveillance activities including including Hepatitis vaccinations following individual risk assessments (Special Schools).
  • Access to an independent Employee Assistance Programme which can provide: 
    • Professional staff counselling provided by experienced and qualified practitioners to British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) standards.
    • A critical Incident Counselling Response delivered onsite to a group of affected employees         
  • Advice on ill health retirement and provision of an independent Physician where necessary.
  • Access to physiotherapy service where prompt treatment is advised by a GP or Occupational Health and GP waiting list is more than seven days. Generally seen within 7 days of OHU triaging (checking) the referral form and sending to the physiotherapy provider.
  • Delivery of confidential health checks at your school consisting of a self-administered lifestyle questionnaire, followed by a confidential face to face assessment with a qualified nurse, lifestyle advice (e.g. smoking, alcohol, diet and exercise etc., depending on answers on the questionnaire), signposting for support where necessary. A report based on outcomes will be given following the assessments.
  • Help to maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of your staff by raising awareness of both work-related and lifestyle health issues.
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Occupational Health & Wellbeing Contact

Further Information

We are contactable by telephone and email between
8.30am-5pm, Monday to Thursday, 
and 8.30am-4.30pm on Friday.

Nicki Raine, Senior Occupational Health Advisor or Helen Hayward 
01623 665960

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