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Transport Services

Transport Services

Do you have enough trained minibus drivers for your school? Are you aware of the legislation regarding school minibus transport?

Any drivers who passed their driving test after January 1997 may not have the entitlement to drive minibuses (including teachers and day care staff) and may need a full PSV D1 Professional Licence.

Our offer includes:

The MIDAS scheme

The MIDAS scheme allows organisations to assess and train minibus drivers and is highly recommended for school staff driving on a category B licence who do not have the D1 entitlement. Although the scheme is not mandatory there are many advantages to successful completion of the training. Drivers will feel more confident in their ability to drive and will gain valuable experience of driving a minibus, increasing competence.

Some employers may require drivers to have taken this training and some insurance companies may offer lower premiums based on drivers having completed the training.

We have qualified staff to support drivers in successfully completing Midas Training, please contact us for further information.

Driving under the Section 19 permit scheme (Minibus Permit)

A Section 19 permit is usually issued for a set fee and is given to non-profit making bodies that run transport services which benefit the community.

Section 19 permits are issued to bodies to enable them to provide transport for their own members or other people whom the organisation exists to help.

The vehicle must not be used to transport members of the general public. It must also not be used with a view to profit, or for an activity which is itself carried out with a view to profit. Category D1 (101) restriction licence holders are entitled to drive minibuses that are operated for ‘hire or reward’ in accordance with a Section 19 permit.

Once a permit has been obtained, a member of staff can drive a minibus under the conditions outlined above. These permits only apply within the UK.

Section 19, Standard Bus Permit application forms can be obtained from the Council’s Fleet operations Services as the designated body representing the Traffic Commissioner. There is a cost for these permits. 

Vehicle Hire

Fleet operations have vehicles for hire with qualified drivers who are trained in first aid, manual handling and MIDAS. The vehicles range from 16 - 28 seat accessible vehicles which can carry up to six wheelchairs depending on the number of passengers and a 53 seat Coach. 

Accessible Vehicle training

We offer training in the safe and emergency operation of the passenger lift, securing wheelchairs with the correct equipment and the removal and installation of seats.

Our guidance helps you to ensure that you are fully compliant and safe in the knowledge that the school mini bus is not breaking the law when used by the school.

For more information on all transport services, please contact us using the details provided.

Transport Services Contact

Andy Frogg - Fleet Operations Manager (Vehicle Hire, Training)
0115 969 4390

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