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Views sought on school admissions

Nottinghamshire County Council is seeking views about the proposed admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools in Nottinghamshire for which it has responsibility.

The consultation relates to arrangements for children who will be starting primary school, moving to junior or secondary school and children transferring school during the 2019-20 academic year. 

The County Council’s Committee Chairman for Children and Young People’s Services Councillor Philip Owen said: “Where changes to admission arrangements are proposed, we have a duty to consult and we’ll be doing this widely over the next couple of months. 
“We know that securing a place at a school that parents and carers are happy for their child to attend is understandably close to their hearts.

“Following the consultation, county councillors will make a decision, by the end of February deadline, on admission arrangements taking into account a range of information, including the consultation responses. We have to agree arrangements which are most suited to local circumstances.”

The consultation invites views about proposed changes to the number of places that can be allocated in each relevant year group at some schools across the county. 

Whilst no specific changes are proposed from those agreed on for 2018/19 to the overall procedures and practices used to decide how places are allocated - known as the oversubscription criteria – feedback is sought on whether people agree with the proposed criteria.

The Council is also proposing changes to dates for the scheme it uses to coordinate admission arrangements with partners so that every parent of a child living in a local authority area who has applied for a publicly funded school or academy is sent one, and only one, offer of a school place. 

Views are also invited about how in-year applications for school places are processed.
The consultation closes on 26 November 2017. 

To find out more about the proposed changes for 2019-20 and have your say, go to There are also options to respond by email or post.

Whilst the County Council is responsible for school admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools, other types of schools – academies, foundation, studio, trust and voluntary aided schools – are responsible for their own admission arrangements and have to run their own consultation. Parents and carers would need to visit the individual school website for respective details.