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Saving energy in heating

Now is a good time to look at your heating and ways to save energy.  This will also help to mitigate costs associated with heating and ventilation during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Check your timers

Make sure you are not heating space or water when and where it is not required. Set timers to ensure your desired temperature is achieved when needed and not before, and time boilers to turn down before school finishes, making use of residual heat.

Maximise your heating effort

Ensure radiators are not covered, insulate pipe work, reduce draughts and consider fitting reflective panels behind radiators.

Switch off

If your heating does not need to be on, switch it off. At weekends, holidays and overnight, your heating should be set on ‘frost protection’. Trust your controller to switch on if necessary, according to your frost protection temperature setting.

Monitor Consumption

If you have your gas or electricity consumption recorded every half an hour you can use the SystemsLink Energy Manager tool to spot unexpected energy use and heating coming on when not required. Contact the Energy and Carbon Management Team , if you need log-in details or further information.