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Latest support for children entitled to free school meals during holiday time - Statement from NCC

Update on the Government’s Household Support Fund (HSF)

**All schools have been contacted directly to confirm the latest support for children entitled to free school meals during holiday time with the following information**
Under the last two rounds of the Government’s Household Support Fund (HSF) food vouchers, via schools, have been provided to those children entitled to free school meals during school holidays. This is an approach which has been kept under review.
For the new, third round of HSF funding to help with the cost of living, Nottinghamshire will once again receive £5.6million to share across households most in need of support, to cover the period of October 2022-March 2023.
Based on our experience of managing the Fund so far, for the coming period we intend to make a single Winter Support payments to all eligible households.  We feel that this is the most flexible way to spread funding as fairly and speedily as possible to ensure as many people as possible get the help they need – up to 50,000 households in the County are set to benefit from this approach.
This Winter Support payment will be worth on average around £100 for each household to use towards energy and food bills. The final amount per household will be proportionately adjusted based on the number of eligible people in the household, so some households will get less, some will get more.
All Nottinghamshire households with children in receipt of free school meals will continue to be a priority group for support and will be entitled to a Winter Support payment that will help with food and energy costs during the autumn and winter.
We anticipate that around £2 million will be distributed to households with children in receipt of free school meals or those with children five or under with an equivalent eligibility. This forms the largest share of the £5.6 million funding.
As we have a duty to support other priority groups too, the rest of the funding will be shared among those eligible or on pension credits, those who face homelessness, and households that are really struggling to pay the bills or buy food, but which are not eligible for other support.
Our support for families with Free School Meal entitlements is in addition to other continuing schemes to support the wellbeing of children in the County, including our Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) which focuses on supporting children and young people to improve their knowledge of health and nutrition and encourages them to eat healthily and be active during school holidays.  More detail is here: Holiday activities and food | Nottinghamshire County Council

We will be in touch directly with more detail on how and when Winter Support payments will be rolled out, and on the role that schools might play in this, once we receive final guidance from Government.  In the meantime, if you have particular queries or questions, please contact